Body Flossing™

This 75min class provides a fun, safe, and open atmosphere to explore our fascial self-release methodology called Body Flossing™.  This class teaches you how to manually release stubborn tension and pain patterns while relieving stress, and preparing you for healthy movement and fitness. You'll leave feeling  renewed, calm, and energized!  Get better Range of Motion, Reduce the common Pain.

75 min


Pilates Fundamentals is a mat class where you can learn the fundamentals on which to build yourpractice by exploring the basic movements and concepts of the Pilates Method. This group class is are designed to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. You will learn correct and efficient movement patterns to keep you and your joints healthy. The exercises you learn and the way you move translates into all that you do throughout your day.  These classes are the foundational phase of training and are only appropriate if you have no major structural issues. If you have health concerns we recommend private sessions to ensure you have the individualized attention required to modify your program for your unique issues. 


The Oov activates core stabilizing muscles while gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy spinal movement. From rehabilitation, to stretching, to core strengthening, to relaxation, the Oov offers significant benefits for spinal health. 

All levels welcome.
75 min

Pilates Mat

This class features the classical Pilates mat repertoire, with the inclusion of “props”. The props provide assistance while you develop proficiency and strength in the exercises. 60min

Beginning - This class is suited for all levels.  We welcome those who are brand new to the discipline as well as Pilates veterans for a dynamic and safe workout.

Beginning/Intermediate - This class is best suited to those who have had at least some experience with Pilates.  If you are new to Pilates, we welcome you to try our Oov Class or Schedule a Private Session

pilates mixed equipment class

Equipment Classes are limited to 4 students so register ahead of time to ensure your spot!   This is a beginner level class that will explore the use of springs on a variety of Pilates equipment, including Reformer, Spring Board, and Wunda Chair. Discover how to breathe to oxygenate the body for healing. Explore ways to stabilize joints and lengthen muscles. Transform your body to move more fluidly.

Beginners & Intermediate

60 min