Pain Elimination Strategies through Strength & Alignment

The Belly Studio is a Private Pilates studio focused on eliminating your minor aches and chronic pains. We assess, strategize, and discover your body’s needs in order to find the correct movement strategies to meet your fitness goals. Arlene Corcoran teaches a hybridized, eclectic program based on Classic Joseph Pilates work and fitness training. She combines her personally-developed myofascial release technique Body Flossing with her 20 years experience in the Pilates paradigm to develop and train individuals and small groups.  

Arlene’s work specializes in injury prevention and recovery. From minor joint problems, (knee, ankle and hip) to major shoulder and hip pathologies, she has found success through viewing the body in motion and examining the whole body as a system. Over the years she’s helped her clients through a varied list of conditions: Restless Leg Syndrome; Scoliosis; Fibromyalgia; Joint Replacements; Pre-Surgery Preparation; Post-Rehab Fitness and modified training.  

The Belly Studios Private Sessions are highly individualized due to Arlene’s unique movement assessment techniques. Each session is an exploration of the deep patterns that inform your daily functional movement. She strives to create safe, biomechanically sound strategies to address your pain patterns and create a pain-free body. Through a consistent cycle of Release, Realignment and Rebuilding, habitual pain patterns and minor movement problems dissipate forming lasting strength in alignment. The result is sustainable fitness that can last a lifetime. With this knowledge, Arlene has discovered how to redefine her client's default movement patterns in lasting ways. These deep changes help create lasting and safe movement patterns for years to come.

There is generic Pilates and then there is Pilates specifically designed for you. That is what we do here at the Belly Studio. If you want to know if we can help you, please contact us. We can help determine if our programs could work for you.  

Come join us at The Belly Studio and begin the journey to the body you've always wanted.