If we train in misalignment,
we strengthen our misalignments.
If we train in alignment,
we strengthen alignment, balance, endurance, & health.
— Arlene Corcoran

Release. Realign. Rebuild.

At The Belly Studio we specialize in Post-Rehabilitative Pilates techniques that are modified and evolved. Join us and learn how to alleviate your own aches and pains while forging your way towards life-long fitness. We offer both highly individualized Private Sessions, and well as intimate and dynamic  Group Classes.

About our name, “The Belly Studio.” It’s about Core Strength of course, it’s also about our Gut, our Gut Instinct, and ultimately it’s about getting to the Belly of the Beast. It’s about conquering some of our greatest physical challenges and prevailing. It’s about facing some of the root causes of our personal difficulties by learning how much we can make it all a lot better ourselves. Some things are under your control. We show you how to gain control over your core, what is at the bottom of the beast in your gut that prevents you from doing what you can. We take you there.

Immerse Yourself

How do we learn best? By immersing ourselves!  Jump start your transformation with a customized program, just like you would with a new language.

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Freedom From Pain

After living for over five years in chronic pain, to the point where she couldn't even sleep, Lynn transformed her life.

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