About The Belly Studio

The Belly Studio is a Private Pilates studio located within a working family compound. Arlene Corcoran teaches a hybridized, eclectic program that includes Classic Joseph Pilates Work and fitness training. She applies her 20 years of experience in exercising within the Pilates paradigm and adds her own style and invention with her program that includes Body Flossing and Proprioceptive ReSignalling.

Sessions with Arlene are private and individualized. She also holds weekly Group Classes in the basics that everyone needs to learn in order to execute Core Function in the Pilates Method.

Her philosophy is based on 20 years of experience and an intense focus on anatomy, form, function and the implementation of the Pilates paradigm for Modern Life. Train in Alignment and you will strengthen your alignment. Train in misalignment, you strengthen your misalignments. Form and Function are a key element to the physics of Life. Without proper form, the function does not take place at optimal levels for effortless and pain-free movement.

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