When we train in misalignment, we strengthen our misalignments.     

When we train in alignment, we strengthen in alignment.

An integral part of our programming is our myofascial release technique Body Flossing™.  Through this method we address the underlying tensions that create and maintain misalignment within our injury and strain patterns.  Once the underlying tension is addressed, we can begin to develop aligned strength. This strategy allows the muscles – formerly impeded – to function and thrive in a healthy way. 

Symphonic Movement

In most modern fitness practices, we are taught that the body is a collection of individual parts and should be trained as such, one muscle (or muscle group) at a time. Contemporary research has shown us otherwise. Our bodies are fully interconnected systems, and what was previously perceived as just a simple movement of the arm now becomes a complex movement, requiring support from all parts of the body.  As the body develops integration, movement becomes easier,  and most importantly, enjoyable.   


Pilates designed for you.

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The Belly Studio is a private Pilates studio focused on eliminating your minor aches and chronic pains in order to achieve your fitness goals.  We assess, strategize, and uncover the correct approaches to get you on your way to lifelong fitness through informed, intelligent movement.  We teach a hybridized, eclectic program that combines the work of Joseph Pilates with Arlene's experience and investigation of the myofascial matrix.  

We specialize in helping our clients recover from and avoid injuries.  From minor joint problems, (knee, ankle and hip) to major shoulder and hip pathologies, we have found success by assessing the body in motion and as a whole system. Over the years we've helped our clients through a varied list of conditions: Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS); Scoliosis; Fibromyalgia; joint replacements; surgery preparation; post-rehab fitness, pre- and post natal work.  We work with our clients, wherever they are in their "body journey", towards pain-free living, fitness and strength. 

The Belly Studio's private sessions are highly individualized due to our unique movement assessment techniques. Each session is an exploration of the deep patterns that inform daily functional movement.  Through a consistent focus on release, realignment, and rebuilding, habitual pain patterns and minor movement problems dissipate to form lasting strength.  In essence, we reverse-engineer how your body acquired what is misaligned or dysfunctional and the result is sustainable fitness that can last a lifetime.  

There is generic Pilates and then there is Pilates designed specifically for you. That is what we do here at the Belly Studio. Want to know what we can do for you? Contact us today. 

Frequency of Practice

One of the key components to The Belly program is frequency.  Consistency has been proven time and time again as the way to achieve optimal outcomes.  Our pain patterns can often be the result of habitual, repetitive tasks or habits.  These can only resolve once we apply persistent and frequent attention to correcting them.  Eventually, our new patterns will become unconscious and automatic. The optimal way to start your frequent practice, is through our Immersion Program.

It's time to invest in yourself. 

Through informed education, practice and study, we guide you toward the fitness, confidence, and comfort you desire.   

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