When we train in misalignment, we strengthen the misalignment.     

When we train in alignment, we strengthen alignment.

At The Belly Studio we Release, Realign, and Re-build through Intelligent Movement Training.

Release, realign, and re-build. This cycle is addressed across all parts of The Belly's programs. In small terms it makes up the basic process of each our private sessions. On a large scale, it addresses the long term system used to address each client's fitness needs.

Misalignment – and the underlying fascial tension that creates it and maintains it within our injury and strain patterns – is addressed through Body Flossing™. Once the underlying tension is addressed, we can begin to strengthen in correct alignment. Removing the impediments of the underlying tightness allows the muscles – formerly impeded – to function and thrive in a healthy fashion. Reversal and Alignment methods allow old tightness to release, allowing deeper access to older patterns, improved alignment, and additional strength in the new movement pattern. The cycle repeats, ad infinitum.

Symphonic Movement

Too much of modern fitness practice proliferates the idea of component parts. The idea that the arm and the torso are separate. That the hips can't affect the shoulders or the feet. This is patently false. Our bodies are interconnected systems, interdependent systems. Proper motion in alignment requires fully integrated movement. What was previously perceived as just a simple movement of the arm now becomes a complex movement, requiring support from all parts of the body.  As the body develops integration, movement becomes easier,  and most importantly, enjoyable.  It can become automatic, it can bring you to a higher functioning physicality.  


Pain Elimination Strategies through Strength & Alignment

The Belly Studio is a Private Pilates studio focused on eliminating your minor aches and chronic pains on your path to lifelong fitness through informed, intelligent movement. We assess, strategize, and uncover the correct approaches to meet your fitness goals.  We teaches a hybridized, eclectic program based on Classic Joseph Pilates work and fitness training, combined with Arlene's experience and investigation of the myofascial matrix and our myofascial release technique Body Flossing.

Our speciality is injury prevention and recovery. From minor joint problems, (knee, ankle and hip) to major shoulder and hip pathologies, we have found success through viewing the body in motion and examining the whole body as a system of systems. Over the years we've helped our clients through a varied list of conditions: Restless Leg Syndrome; Scoliosis; Fibromyalgia; Joint Replacements; Pre-Surgery Preparation; Post-Rehab Fitness, pre and post natal work and modified training.  We work with our clients, wherever they are toward that often elusive pain-free spectrum of living, fitness and strength. 

The Belly Studio's Private Sessions are highly individualized due to our unique movement assessment techniques. Each session is an exploration of the deep patterns that inform your daily functional movement, to what fatigues you rather than energizes you.  We strive to create safe, biomechanically sound strategies to address your pain patterns and create a strong, aligned body. Through a consistent focus of Release, Realignment, and Rebuilding, habitual pain patterns and minor movement problems dissipate forming lasting strength in alignment. In essence we reverse-engineer how your body acquired what is less than ideal or dysfunctional.  The result is sustainable fitness that can last a lifetime and be maintained daily rather than occasionally.  These deep changes help create lasting, safe, and healthy movement patterns for years to come.

There is generic Pilates and then there is Pilates designed specifically for you. That is what we do here at the Belly Studio. If you want to know how we can help you on your body journey, please contact us today. 

Come join us at The Belly Studio and begin the journey to the body you've always wanted.

Frequency of Practice

One of the key components to The Belly program is frequency or periodocity. Be it regular sessions, classes or dedicated time spent Flossing on your own, emphasis must be placed on how often you practice in the beginning of your journey to living comfort and strength.  This is the proven way to get the outcome you need and want.  Our pain patterns can often be a result of habitual, repetitive tasks or habits.  We are patterned animals.  Habitual patterns only resolve themselves through habitual attention until the new patterns become the unconscious, automatic habit.  

We have a unique Immersion Program that we've developed to fast-forward your acquisition of new, healthy movement patterns and fitness because we have done the research and know this is what works.  Immersions are not always possible.  The next best thing is to devote the time you need to make the transition you want.  

Our entire program is devoted to accelerating your progress through informed education, practice and study.   We want to help you to invest the time in yourself to get the living confidence, fitness and comfort you need.

Ask us about our recommendations for you.  We can make the plan to get you your outcome.