For over 5 years Amelia Fuller has been my massage therapist of choice. Amelia’s compassionate massage technique starts with an ability to listen and then follow through with her massage. She is able to help a variety of people because of her depth of knowledge and years of experience. She always could help me. I highly recommend Amelia.
— Cathie Parks
My name is Heather Hardy and I am a professional violinist , singer, songwriter based out of Tucson, AZ . 
I am a 54 year old woman that has been playing violin ... and piano as well, since I was 9 years old . 
Having fallen in love with my instruments and music at such a young age .... I have at this time ...played pretty much everyday for 46 years .  I have a band and so along with the playing practice is required ... I am loading amplifiers and heavy equipment for every show I play . 
I’m telling you all this about me, so that you will understand the depth of the repetitive strain that my body has endured and continues to endure nightly ... as music is and has always been ...  my sole source of income.  When I began working with Arlene at the belly studio about 2 years ago , I was in a lot of pain , all the time. Specifically my left wrist .... but also my left neck and shoulder. Sleeping was interrupted nightly and I was scared to death of not being able to play my violin at some point in the near future . I had seen an Orthopedic specialist and she (having no compassion at all) told me that I had significant arthritis in my wrist and should start thinking about a new way of supporting myself.  It was horrifying ..... I  have no other skills!!!!! . And  much deeper was the fact that music is not what I do but ... who i am . And I can’t imagine a life without it. I was truly scared. 
I walked into The Belly Studio and was greeted with Hope. 
Arlene started to study how I played and what a violinist goes through physically. She assured me from the beginning that we could find ways to reset bad patterns and and stresses that had developed because of the way I live my life and use my body. She did not ever say I needed to stop living my life the way I wanted, to or stop playing music. We worked with the violin at times, she taught me many great self-care techniques. Tools that I could take on tour. The Body Flossing™ techniques are a priceless skill to keep all the aches that come with aging at bay and of course, for me, they have helped with the aches that come from playing the violin.  Arlene introduced me to myofascial release and great correctives to help my body reset. I had been trying every kind of body work for years. They all helped in ways, but never got to the core of what I needed. Arlene’s technique for working with the Fascia ..... was the missing piece to pain relief for me. .  I continue to play and practice much or more than before . Even while we were working to heal issues from playing. I had to keep playing to because it is my livelihood. She understood this,  and her treatment plan was unique to me, in order to support that . That’s how she works . So sometimes there have been large steps forward, that had to be repeated because I had played so many shows a particular week, but Arlene found ways to work around that. She is a miracle worker. I have experienced improvement in every part of my body. I have been sleeping without pain, playing without pain. And my fear that I would ever have to quit playing has been removed. I now know that my body can be supported in ways to heal itself, correct bad habits and prevent injury from becoming chronic. Do I have aches at times, yes. Shoot, I’m 54. But I listen to them and have tools to heal them at my disposal. It may be self-care I learned from Arlene ... or I have her wisdom at my disposal at our private sessions. I cannot say enough good about The Belly Studio and the work they are doing . It truly has saved my life. And specifically Arlene. I am a joyous violinist ... looking forward to many more years doing what I love to do, and Arlene Corcoran and The Belly Studio gave that gift to me.  
— Heather Hardy
I’m a 22 yr old male who was suffering from scoliosis, chronic back pain, tendinitis, anxiety, sleeplessness, and had a hard time reaching my fitness goals. Through working with Arlene all of those issues have subsided and my scoliosis has become manageable. My self-confidence, peace of mind, focus, happiness, and energy have increased.
Studying pilates with Arlene is an intimate experience. You feel like you’re her only client when in session with her. She pours over the details of your progress and shares in your recovery to an eased, neutral body. What’s more is she explains in detail what she believes, and always knows, is going on in your body, why she is having you do the choreography, and how it is working the area.
Finally, you immediately feel welcome at her studio as it is also just a few steps from her home. The property is healing, peaceful, full of desert vegetation, friendly animals, and brimming with a natural energy. You can’t help feeling like you belong there!
— Daniel Thomson
The Belly Studio is not only an incredibly tranquil and beautiful space for physical healing and awareness, it is also a state of the art pilates facility, with every kind of machine, gadget, and roller you could ask for in the Pilates fitness system. I also doubt that there is anyone who embodies the Pilates lifestyle in Tucson more than the instructors at the studio, their depth of knowledge and range of experience spans decades and you can tell immediately, whether you are taking a simple Body Flossing™ class or going in for specific one on one therapy.

These teachers know their stuff, and not only that they know that everyone’s body is different and they are incredibly skilled at specializing treatment to suit your body needs. This studio is as good as it gets.
— Mark Jimenez
I had given up hope living with chronic pain, DDD and RA (Fibromyalgia, which I never accepted as real) when I came across an article about Arlene and The Belly Studio and it has been life changing! She has done what at least eight doctors couldn’t do! No more daily pain pills, no more thoughts of giving up. I feel like a different person! Immersion is awesome as well! I can’t thank her [...] enough! Love you gals!
— Mary Spragg