The Belly Team

Studio Owner & Master Trainer

Studio Owner & Master Trainer

Arlene Corcoran, MFA, CPT

Studio Owner & Master Instructor

Arlene came to Pilates and her current Myofascial practice after a lifetime of battling with chronic pain.  Through her work she has been able not only to manage, but to overcome what was once a debilitating struggle.  She received her Pilates education through The Kane School in New York City (now Kinected Pilates Center) in 2006, and opened her own studio here in Tucson in 2008. Since starting her own practice, Arlene has studied with Brent Anderson, Marie Jose Blom, Karen Clippinger, Amy Taylor Alpers, Anna Marie Vitali and many others.  In addition to Classic Pilates Equipment & Mat, Arlene's primary training focused on Anatomy and Special Needs/Special Populations.  This expanded knowledge allowed her to fully understand how she had rid herself of her lifetime pain patterns and achieved true fitness and health. This history informs her eclectic program at The Belly Studio to this day.


Rachel Delozier, BA, PMa cpt


Junior Instructor

Rachel has been training at The Belly Studio since 2014.  After almost a year of working as a client, Rachel decided to take the plunge and become an instructor.  She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors Degree in Art History and Classics in 2014 and received her PMA Pilates Certification in 2017. 

Cora beckett, ba

Junior Instructor

Cora has been learning and collaborating with The Belly Studio since 2015. While filming a short documentary about the journey of one of the studio’s clients, Cora fell in love with Arlene’s post-rehabilitation methodology. Arlene’s technique has given Cora the tools to manage and correct her own health issues including hypermobility, scoliosis and physical trauma due to multiple car accidents. She is currently studying to receive her Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certification. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a major in Film & Television and a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies.


Courtney Watson

Junior Instructor

Bio coming soon!

Doug Johnson, L.Ac.  520-795-7229  Available Monday-Thursday 11am-6pm

Doug Johnson, L.Ac.


Available Monday-Thursday 11am-6pm

Doug johnson

Doug has practiced Classical Five Element Acupuncture since 1985.  He also teaches tai qi and qi gong

My practice of health care is based on the belief that health is not a state to be achieved but a way of experiencing and being.

Concepts of healing and health always interested me and led into the practice of counseling.    Later, an attraction and fascination with the unique perspectives of Chinese philosophers and artists led me to study acupuncture.   In dancing through the garden of form and energetics my steps were also choreographed and shaped by––––the Alexander Technique, Bikram yoga, Feldenkrais, Flower Essences, Heart Rhythm Meditation, Pilates, Plant Spirit Medicine, Vipassana, and Zazen.  My perceptions and expressions of them have been enhanced and expanded by all of these.  The depth and the width of Oriental Medicine and all these ways of being alive captures and challenges my curiosity.  And I am being drawn forward by that which I love.  My teaching grows out of my delight in seeing how it changes those whose lives it touches.

Amelia Fuller L.M.T.  Massage available Monday and Thursdays at The Belly Studio

Amelia Fuller L.M.T.

Massage available Monday and Thursdays at The Belly Studio

amelia fuller

Massage Therapist & Student

Growing up seeing her mother struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, Amelia is very familiar with the challenges that chronic pain can force us to endure every day. She received her LMT certification from Cortiva Institute in 2012. Amelia tailors her treatment according to each individual to achieve results, training in several medical massage therapy techniques, including migraine and headache relief, trigger point therapy, Muscle Energy technique, post-isometric relaxation technique.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Marisela Cariseo

Administrative Assistant & Student

Marisela began working in 2015 at a kids gym, Playformance. She fell in love with the idea that children learn through play. Through her experience at Playformance she was connected to a preschool, Second Street Children's school where she became a teacher for four years. Marisela taught Muscle max (CrossFit style class) and bootcamp at the YMCA from 2016-2018. She is excited to learn from Arlene and expand her knowledge in fitness and wellbeing.