A New Dimension in Movement Training

We have been studying the Oov for the last 18 months and have found astounding changes in a relatively short time.  The Oov changes everything and it changes your body, you in control, intelligently and safely.  This is the next dimension in Mindful, Intelligent Movement.  Simply Transformative.   


Oov REvolution


The Oov has been brought to America by Daniel Vladeta, D.O. and Polestar Pilates.  Nothing less than a revolution in physical training, it goes far beyond that.  20 years of research are behind this Australian contribution to all of our future physical well-being.   


'Instructional' Physical Meditation  

The Oov can be many things.  It's based on our shape, our structure and how our bodies organize themselves.  Physical Meditation; Stretching; Core; Strength training; balance and endurance training.  It is a challenge and immediately The Body Understands.  Tap into your natural physical intelligence...


corrective fitness balance +


The Oov can be used to perform corrective strategies that are self-regulating when not impeded.  The Oov gives us access to change our bodies in real time, in the moment, using our Body's natural functions and response.  It can become a self-sustaining method for physical training, balance and well being...