Body Flossing™ 

The Belly Studio’s comprehensive myofascial Self-release technique. 

Body Flossing is a movement practice. It is a regime of conditioning and self care that prepares you for any kind of physical training. Using various methods–both simple and complex–clients are able to penetrate past deep fascial tightness and get to the source of various chronic pain patterns and misalignments that affect their everyday movement. This technique allows clients to find healthy movement patterns to achieve lasting fitness.  

Arlene began developing the technique in 1999 as a way to rid herself of her own chronic aches and pains. Through the development of this technique she was able to actively manage and diminish her own pain patterns. Over the years Arlene has helped clients with a wide variety of symptoms and ailments using the simple techniques she has created.  Why call it Body Flossing? Use of the term “Flossing” implies a frequent, if not daily, practice. We think of it as an antidote for modern restrictions to our inherent desire to move.

At the basic level, Body Flossing is very simple: target the tight patterns to relieve pain. In the process, you will also learn how to re-inhabit your body. Our modern "culture of sitting" has created a disconnection between us and our bodies, as well as a variety of other physical ailments. Taking time daily to Floss allows you to begin restoring that connection. When minor pains arise you will have the agency to help yourself.  

Our weekly classes offer clients the knowledge they need to start developing their practice and effectively implementing Body Flossing™ techniques.  These fun and enlivening classes can help you deeply learn the methods to be applied throughout your lifetime.