Frequency for Deep Learning

Detailed Body Work

We all know that the best way to learn a new skill is to immerse ourselves.  The same applies when re-training the body.  During your Belly Immersion, you'll work one, two or three times a day (according to your customized plan) to retrain neuromuscular patterns, re-pattern myo-fascial habits and strengthen your coorected patterns to internalize a new way of inhabiting your body.    Lasting anywhere from three days to two week, we will customize a personal plan based on your needs and budget.  During this time, you and your trainer will work together to 'reverse engineer' faulty, adaptive or compensatory patterns in a much shorter time than what is normally possible.  You will emerge with new, healthy movement patterns that permit you to build on the strength you've created without damaging or injuring yourself.  When you immerse yourself, you learn faster and your results last longer.

This process has proven to reduce and even eliminate many common chronic pain patterns along with teaching self-sufficiency and re-sculpting the body. Join us to start fully inhabiting yourself and moving forword in your body. 

Since these programs are highly customized based on the availability of both you and our trainers, we ask that all Immersions are planned in advance.  Please call or email the studio to inquire about Immersion availability.