Detailed Body Work

IMMERSION is a strategy that reverses dysfunctional movement patterns and trains new movement patterns in a short period of time.  We use the same neuromuscular mechanisms to learn new  movement patterns as we use in learning a new language, so the same principles apply.  When you immerse yourself, you learn faster and your results last longer. 

We have been doing Immersive Pilates since 2011.  Our Immersions have typically lasted three days to two weeks.  During an Immersion, you'll work two to three times a day to retrain neuromuscular patterns, realign faulty adaptive patterns, retrain and re-pattern myo-fascial patterns and strengthen your new patterns to internalize a new way to inhabit your body.  We have been studying the soft-tissue matrix, what Arlene calls, 'The Tight Suit Inside,' for over a decade.  We have developed techniques that align with current, emerging research to 'reverse engineer' faulty adaptive or compensatory patterns in a shorter time than what is normally possible.  Then we immediately retrain to set new movement patterns that are healthy and permit strengthening instead of damaging your Body in your daily life.

This process has proven to eliminate many common chronic pain patterns as well as to teach self-sufficiency in your bodies' biomechanics. Join us to start fully inhabiting yourself and moving forword in your body. 

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