Fascia Research is Evolving: News from the Global Front of Fascia Discovery

I discovered Fascia over 20 years ago while trying to get myself out of life-long pain. I had heard a few references to Fascia during my various trainings, but the zeitgeist came to its burgeoning about 10-12 years ago. The Above Documentary, “The Mysterious World Under the Skin” gives a summary of the global network discovering and researching the complexity and importance of the MyoFascial Matrix. I’ve always referred to it affectionately as “The Tight Suit Inside.” When it’s dysfunctional, it often feels like a tight, painful suit we’re walking around in. Our focus at The Belly Studio for 13 years has been to develop strategies and methodologies to reverse-engineer Fascial Dysfunction, eliminate pain, educate and bring our clients back into a pain-free, functional life.