The Tight Suit Inside

By Arlene Corcoran

I’m going to introduce you to my personal and professional experiences with the MyoFascial System. My hope is that the stories and discoveries made through my journey assist others in a deepened understanding of the body.  

My experiences in teaching others to move without pain have demonstrated that the basic principles and understanding of Fascia can greatly improve one’s quality of life. It has done so in my own. I teach now what I have learned from my own transformation. This transformation took place in the Fascia Frontier, the universe within, the granddaddy of anatomical function: the Tight Suit Inside.

I’ve used many metaphors to explain what is often felt but unseen within us.  You can call it the ‘Living Leather Suit’ inside as it is often tough like leather.  In fact, in some physical states, it can nearly be as strong as steel. But what is the MyoFascial Matrix?



It’s the white, filmy stuff we cut at when preparing chicken. Most of us don’t even consider it to be part of our anatomy. In high school biology and at the doctors’ offices we’ve seen lots of pictures of the human body: it’s all bones, muscles, organs, ligaments, and cartilage. But, it turns out, there’s a lot more to this connective tissue system, and it’s actually significant to everyone’s daily life, health, and often happiness.  

In anatomical studies over the years, the connective tissue was removed to reveal the elements within. This tissue was tossed aside as if it were an inert casing, something akin to a sausage wrapper.  

As it turns out, it is an integral part of our anatomy, a virtual living bio-suit that is interwoven and necessary to every system of the Human Body.  There are connections and influences with the vascular system, the lymphatic system, the endocrine system and more. We are more like a sapling than we are an automobile. We are organic, not mechanical.   

In reality, the ‘Tight Suit Inside’ explains a lot of our experience in our own bodies that heretofore have been a mystery. The Myofascial Tissue is literally the web which our physical bodies live within, defining and orchestrating how we move.  

How we move defines how we live and how we live defines how we move.  



Finally, research is beginning to uncover the many multiple functions of the Tight Suit. Internationally, the MyoFascial System has been a burgeoning area of research for over 20 years, and interest has increased in the United States since Tom Meyers published his research in the stellar text, ‘Anatomy Trains’ (You can buy this book and more here).

Robert Schleip in Germany, Carla Stecco in Italy and many more in Europe, as well as many worldwide in the various disciplines involvement movement have been studying and contributing to the burgeoning research of the Myofascial System.

Fascia surrounds all things within, connects all things within, and shapes all things within. When it is bound, misaligned or injured, it confines things within. That is where dysfunction can begin!

It also modifies itself according to pressure and load applied during daily living, so it responds to all environmental factors (temperature, pH, injury, load, force, etc.).  The main component of Fascia is collagen. If we load continually in a particular pattern of movement, the fascia grows more collagen to provide more structure, stability and support.  If we get bigger, our Fascia, of course, grows with us.



The Tight Suit Inside has defined my life since I was 12 years old.  I’ve made a third career out of studying, working with, and teaching my clients for over 10 years about the MyoFascial System. My life has changed since approaching movement and pain through what I now know as such an integral system. Join me in this important work as we transform not only our understanding of our physical selves, but our ability to move freely within our bodies as well!